Why Choose Crabiness?

Have you ever been around people who seem to work to find reasons to be unhappy? You know what I mean. When you make positive comments around them they’ll typically just scowl and refuse to respond? Or if they do respond it’s generally some sort of unintelligible grunt or painful-sounding moan accompanied by a pitiful look that’s designed to try to gin-up sympathy– a facial protest that says “But I WANT to be less-than-happy, I kinda’ like it!”



It’s Sunday morning, the sun is shining, the coffee is strong and hot, and I’m unabashedly choosing NOT to be crabby today. The coffee origin is a mystery today, but it tastes great– full-bodied, aromatic and flavorful! My wife made it and I forgot to ask what type it is.

EVERYONE has bad days. The days when nothing seems to go right. Those times when it feels like you must still be asleep because there is no way a day could be this awful. With that said, isn’t it really a matter of how we choose to react to what is being thrown at us? On the worst of days if I’m honest with myself there are still MANY things to be positive about.

“…I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” Philippians 4:11 (NIV)

I get it, unnaturally happy people are annoying, but don’t read me wrong, it’s not about being weirdly unrealistic about life or about being over-the-top happy all the time, rather it’s more about making the choice to look at circumstances from an “it could always be worse” perspective. Borrowing from the verse above it’s about choosing to be content.

There may be a lot of events and outside influences I cannot control, but how I react IS a choice and most definitely controllable. I choose to NOT be crabby.

Now…if I don’t get that second cup of coffee that I asked for heads are going to roll. Why can’t anyone seem to figure out how to do what I ask! No one appreciates me. I guess if I want it done right, I have to do it myself! ***exasperated sigh***

Just kidding. 😉 Make it a great day.

21 thoughts on “Why Choose Crabiness?

  1. Ahhhh… another veritable font of positivity! How lovely to meet a kindred “glass half full” soul out here! 🙂 You have a fab day – the coffee is always a help, of course… It is good to know there are still some of us who would rather smile than grumble.
    Mother Hen

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  2. I really don’t like people like that… (I do understand that with the coffee though… Just kidding…)! But here is the thing: If you don’t let them pull you down, so’ll be it! They make life harder for themselves. Life is tough sometimes and shitty and unfair… But there is always something to be happy about. And even if it’s the “It could be even worse” thing…


  3. Would you believe that there are people who judge you for wanting coffee in the morning? I’d never have thought anyone could find something wrong with that … until I met some of these folks recently. It’ s true that we choose how to react to what happens – but I find it really hard to keep up a good mood around people like that! They seem to make it their business to get you down … but well, you can always choose to keep your distance from them, which I finally did.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

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    • I know exactly what you’re talking about. The ones who talk about how gross it tastes, how it’s not good for you, etc. IMO those type of people tend to be negative about a lot more than coffee.

      I totally agree with your way of handling it. Just stop hanging around them! Thanks for the comment, btw.

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  4. Actually it wasn’t about the taste of the coffee or that it’s not good for you – it was more like “I can be awake at six a.m. without needing coffee – so you’re a wimp ( worthless / inefficient if you do need it.” They judge you because they think you are weak, and they continually let you feel how worthless they think you are. They themelves don’t think they’re being negative. They think they are right andn you are not only wrong but unworthy. Yeah, it’s really better not to hang around them. I’m glad you think so too. 🙂

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  5. The problem with grumpy or crabby people is that they are unaware of their choice. They are caught in a fog of habitual responses they absorbed from their surrounds while growing up. Some wake up, often in their darkest hours and become driven to help others see their light. I like my coffee in the morning 😉

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