Seriously? Late Again?

“Yes we’re friends, but you aren’t important enough for me to show up on time.”  Isn’t that the statement that is being made when we constantly show-up late?  From the perspective of the person waiting, that is how it feels at times.   “I don’t really care that my lateness causes ripples to everyone’s schedules…my time is more important than yours.”

Today it’s “San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee – Breakfast Blend” brewed in the Keurig that is fueling my furiously typing fingers.  It’s a new brand that I bought on Amazon and it’s actually really good.  It has a solid, bold flavor that is full and pungent.  It’s also interesting because the k-cup doesn’t actually have a full “cup” attached (see below). Rather, it’s the top portion of a normal k-cup with a mesh-like bag containing the coffee beans hanging underneath.  It’s priced a little more reasonably than other brands, it brews quickly and it tastes great!

San Francisco Bay Breakfast Blend

OK, let’s be real, most people are late on occasion.  Life happens, traffic happens, etc.  I realize that. I’m specifically thinking of those people we all know who have that reputation for being late to everything.  You know…those friends you have to give the fake start time that’s half-an-hour earlier than everyone else so they’ll be on time?

Why are some people ALWAYS late? I don’t get it.


21 thoughts on “Seriously? Late Again?

  1. Some people just don’t have a feel for time. Used to get really upset with my husband for always being late. Then I realized that he did try. But for him 10min feel like 30, whereas I can tell you if 5 or 7min have passed by. Now he sets multiple alarms to make sure he is on time 🙂

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  2. Fernando Karl 遠山フェルナンド says:

    This is quite a good topic since you are linking lateness to the implied other person’s value to your own life yet I should admit I expected more philosophical or psychological ranting haha. I’m getting used to your sudden changes of vibe in between your texts.

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    • Lol. Well…its called not having much time to post today. I had to keep it brief! Thanks for taking the time to read it and to comment. I don’t know why, but for some reason this is a peeve of mine. Again, not the random late arrival that we all are guilty if at times, I’m referring to the people who never intend on being prompt. They expect you to just deal with it. Arrogance.

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      • Fernando Karl 遠山フェルナンド says:

        I sensed that idea in between your first lines but when you mentioned traffic at the last lines it sounded the other way around so yeah you tried to finish it quickly but in a quirky way .
        I agree with you, arrogant people are going to make you wait if they want to put on airs or have just way too much self-steem while people who can’t say things straight, like most Japanese, instead find silence as a way of communicating different types of feelings towards you even if most foreigners can’t read them if not warned. Girls do this on us most of the time and we don’t mind when we overvalue them, but maybe as you said it was traffic or just nature plotted against the agreed meeting somehow.

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  3. Much as I hate to admit it, David, I would drive you absolutely bonkers with my lateness. It is probably because I work best under pressure, and I think I must dig the adrenaline rush a deadline gives me. Even if waiting for that rush means missing the deadline by a minute (or 10…) It is not that people are not important or that I feel my time is more valuable than theirs. I just try to cram too many things into the last few minutes before going anywhere, I think. i always assume traffic will be easy and that I have plenty of time when I don’t. I am working on it, though. I really am. I consider my late hand well and truly slapped. Much deservedly so. 🙂 Mother Hen

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  4. My parents were late to EVERYTHING…both my mom and then my step-mom always made my dad late. On his own he would be on time or even early. I follow that trait of being early (except for work :)). My mom was just plain self centered and my step mom has full-on ADD–neither has a concept of time. I just tell them to be there at a particular time (usually an hour earlier than I need them to be, so they end up on time!). And time management is a temperament characteristic too.

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  5. tabitha59reachingout says:

    We had a pastor say once that “It was the height of arrogance to keep someone waiting”. I am not sure I agree with that, unless they are doing it on purpose or really don’t care. I realize that people make mistakes sometimes and also that there are some people who are forever disorganized, or pushed around by others and live life by the seat of their pants, but I don’t appreciate it either. I also think it’s a lack of boundaries for themselves. Worse yet is when someone doesn’t even show up, nor apologize about it later. Takes all kinds to make a world, but …… sheesh!

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  6. Ooooh no I’m one of those chronically late people! There are multiple reasons, though. My entire life I’ve been one of those people who take a LOT to get going (regarding anything, really) but once I do get started I go and go and go. Usually that means I either took too long getting prepared to go, or once I started doing stuff I couldn’t stop doing stuff. I wind up late either way. 😛

    Another less common reason is if I’m meeting someone somewhere, my anxiety kicks into gear and I’m actually afraid of showing up (what if I’m there first? what if I walk in and can’t find them? what if I look stupid standing there looking around? what if they’re not coming?) So I hold back from going, thinking of ways I can cancel lol.

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    • Lol. Good to hear it from your perspective! I suppose there are these “unspoken” reasons for some that they just aren’t as comfortable voicing. Thanks for sharing with the comment. I appreciate you stopping by to read the post.


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