Picking the Nose of a Wicked Witch (Interview)

In this interview, I had the pleasure of interviewing Whitney of Highest Form of Whit (thanks for agreeing to the interview Whitney). Let me start by saying…I really don’t know how to best describe Whitney…the words fail me…I’m drawing a blank.

I started to try, but I had to keep erasing what I wrote as I felt I wasn’t doing the description justice. So rather than try and miserably fail (most likely causing Whitney to become enraged to the point of mass destruction), I thought I’d simply let her describe herself– as written on her About page.

 …I’m an amalgamation of the sense of humor of a 12 year-old boy, the sensibilities of an 80 year-old man, and the figure of a woman in her early twenties. Basically, I’m awesome. And so, by default, is this blog (note the sarcasm). I also suffered from untreated Generalized Anxiety Disorder for fourteen years, which is a main component behind this blog.

I believe in laughing. I believe in love. And I believe in punching anyone in the face who doesn’t think those two things are great. I also believe in contradictions (or do I?).

See, wasn’t that much better than what I could have written?  I’m sure Whitney is somewhere agreeing as she reads this. 😉 She is clever, has a knack for the craft of writing and she’s funny– all things that I enjoy in a writer.

The other think I like about Whitney and her blog– she is true to herself and as a result she’s built-up a loyal following. Recently I’ve become very interested in bloggers who write transparently– letting followers find them, rather than the other way around.  With over 10,000 followers, she fits this description well! I enjoyed reading her answers; I hope you will as well! When you’re finished, if you’d like to read additional interviews with other bloggers click HERE.

(Full disclosure: Whitney uses enough profanity to singe the hair off the ears of a sailor, so read with your visual “bleepers” on if you are so inclined.)


What motivated you to start your blog Whitney?

I started my blog for a couple of reasons. One, I had just graduated from college but I was living in LA for an extra semester and I wanted something fun to do. Two, because I haven’t read a lot of mental health comedy anywhere and I kind of saw my opportunity to start a conversation in a different way. Three, because I thought people might want to laugh at all of the dumb things I was scared of when I was a kid. Apparently, people do want to laugh at that, which is really freaking sweet!

How did you “find your voice” in blogging?  Your writing appears to be very natural and shows a lot of your personality– was that something you had to work towards or does it come natural to you?
 I didn’t really work at it at all, to be honest. How my blog reads is how I talk. Except I probably include more “that’s what she saids” in my day-to-day conversation (though I am starting to cut back on that a little bit). I’ve always been super snarky and self-deprecative with a 12 year-old boy’s sense of humor. Why try and be something I’m not?
What one thing do you feel has contributed the most towards growing your follower base?

I get this a lot, and honestly, half of it is luck. I was Freshly Pressed 2 weeks into my blog and now I’m a recommended humor writer, but I have no idea how that latter thing happened. Probably has to do with that goat I sacrificed.

But the other half is building a community. I was really close with a bunch of writers surrounding one blog and we all fostered wonderful support for each other. Unfortunately, scandal tore the group apart and one of my greatest friends left the writing world. It’s been harder to keep a community together after that since he was such a uniting force all across WordPress.

OH! Also, really knowing what angle you want to go for and sticking to that really helps. People don’t want to read a blog that switches in tone and style all the time. Know what you want to write and how you want to write, and stick with it. If people like it, they will read it.

What do you feel has been the biggest thing you’ve learned about blogging since you started Highest Form of Whit? 

1.) That more people than my mom think I’m funny,

2.) Don’t blog unless you have something to say,

3.) Pictures are important—people don’t read things that don’t have pictures. I don’t know why.

Name one of your favorite blogs and why? 

Um, I love Averie Cooks and Sally’s Baking Addiction because I love desserts and the pictures are pretty and I’m secretly that fat kid from the Goonies. Or I guess, not so secretly now.

Finally, given our addiction here on Brews & Views, how do you take your coffee?

I don’t. I drink tea with milk. I am very, VERY sensitive to caffeine, so if I have coffee I tend to shake and sweat and yammer for days. It’s a lot like what I imagine being high on speed is like for a normal person.

After reading Highest Form of Whit, I have to admit that part of me does want to see what Whitney would write after a double-shot of espresso! If you haven’t had a chance yet, head over and check out her writing for yourself.  Her post on Hot Tamales is a great place to start (her caption under the jalapeno picture still has me cracking-up…hence the title of this post).

Thanks again to Whitney– bringing us wit and wordsmithing!

I like blogging, and I like talking to other people who enjoy blogging–
especially those who do it well!  To read more interviews with other interesting, provocative bloggers click HERE.

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