Incremental progress

My coffee thoughts…

It is said Rome was not conquered in a day. So it is with many goals that we have.

A day at a time, improvement along the way. Perhaps not reaching the goal we ultimately have in mind, but making strides. Moving closer over time. That’s the trick!

Have a great day everyone.

4 thoughts on “Incremental progress

  1. I swear I am drinking a cup of coffee as I opened this post to read! How coincidental!
    Indeed patience is a virtue when it comes to reaching goals… Continuous “baby steps” day by day towards the final finish line:)
    Happy weekend!

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  2. I resist taking advice from my mum in general (an annoying hangover from my teens) but she did give me one phrase that has stuck:

    How do you eat an elephant? You start at the toe and keep going.

    I easily get so impatient when I want to get stuff done but slow and steady really is the best (and often only) approach.

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