Many or Mini Resolutions?


It’s the time of year when many people start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Like many, I have found myself unsuccessful more years than not when it comes to actually accomplishing what I set out to do. This past year was different for me– I actually completed, or came very close to fully completing, a number of things on my list.

I attribute part of the difference this year to making sure my goals were incremental and achievable.  In other words, instead of committing to too many resolutions, I tried to prioritize the list down to mini items.

I plan to post a little more about the actual items themselves a next week, but in the meantime I’m wondering if you’ve thought about this topic?  Give this a shot…

Imagine it’s December of 2015, the end of next year.  You’re looking backward at the year and although you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted, you do feel good about having accomplished one thing in particular— what is that one thing?

What ONE STEP can you take tomorrow to bring that “thing” closer to becoming reality? How will you measure that ONE STEP you take tomorrow?

10 thoughts on “Many or Mini Resolutions?

  1. I plan on making only one resolution! It’s a very meaningful one to enjoy the simple times and stop making simple so complicated! Don’t ask me how I will measure it because I haven’t quite thought it out that far 😉

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  2. I’m impressed. It seems everyone I talk to makes resolutions that are too extreme. Lose 100 pounds, a cold turkey approach to quitting bad habits, etc. Hence I tossed the notion of making resolutions out years ago. They seem to be a terrific way to blow your own self esteem.
    Instead I have a goals list, small steps much like your approach but without that over compensating word- Resolution.
    The difference to me- my goals list is ever evolving, not just a shout at the New Year.
    For me this year, I achieved becoming a writer (I’ll use the term loosely for now) in a capacity larger than the old note book hidden in my workshop. With a short list of freelance work completed, I moved to writing a short story and setting up my blog. It took until the 15th of this month to say I actually published something, but I made it!
    Next year at this time, I will be looking back to the successful completion of my first novel.
    Best of luck in 2015 David, It sounds like you found the key that most people overlook!

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  3. tabitha59reachingout says:

    You are right! Since I turned 40 (a while ago; ha ha), I have made only one new resolution per year and have been successful at keeping them. By Dec. 2015, I hope to look back and see a much more loving and positive person in ME. I like Aprils’ idea too, but I can pick that for the following year.

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