Brain Fog and Crazy Thoughts

stupidfaceDo you ever have those days where you wake up in a mental fog? Yeah, it’s one of those days for me. For some reason, I wrestled with sleep last night and as a result today seems fuzzy around the edges so far. It’s unfortunate that this is my mental state on the last day of the year, but unless the coffee takes effect quickly, I may be resigned to live-out 2014 in the mist!

If you’re like me, when you’re in a mental state like I’ve described above, you notice random things and you think crazy thoughts.

For example, I can’t stop staring at this guy sitting at the table across from me (in a coffee shop, of course). He looks like he weighs about 140– no obvious sign of muscle of any kind.  He’s eating a breakfast souffle, a giant muffin and an egg, cheese and ham sandwich, topped-off with a large orange juice.  I wonder if he’s competing in a triathlon today?

Another example…there’s another guy sitting a few tables away.  He looks nervous and shifty. He keeps grabbing his phone randomly as he chews on his large, rubbery-looking lips. His tie looks like it is choking him, and he can barely swallow each time he takes a sip of his large Mountain Dew. I’m thinking job interview. He lost his last job because he kept calling-in sick because his clothes were too tight?

Then there’s the girl on her laptop around the corner.  Her fake eyelashes are so long they look like old paintbrushes attached to her eyelids. She’s also wearing some kind of headband that looks like it’s a 1920’s garter.  She’s skittish acting, like she feels a little guilty.  Maybe she skipped-out on a Prohibition-era costume party where she was scheduled to perform her highly rare and unusual act of painting murals using her eyelids?

Finally, there’s the couple at the table in the middle of the room.

Mid-60’s, all comfortable in their sweatshirts and windbreakers– deck shoes of course. They have matching haircuts. It’s just weird. She’s talking incessantly, he looks bored out of his mind. He’s thinking about something else for sure. I’m guessing she’s talking about the sale on Disney-themed winter wear at Wal-Mart; he’s thinking about how he never imagined he would be having this conversation with his bowl-cut twin when he left his first wife for her 13 years ago.

The really sad part of all this is that I’m sitting here wondering these random things–and I’m thoroughly content doing so. Sad. Just sad. My brain is in a fog and I’m having a really hard time caring.

I should exercise– perhaps that will help.  Maybe I can join the triathlete dude?

14 thoughts on “Brain Fog and Crazy Thoughts

  1. I can totally relate to your brain fog and hoping the coffee kicks in soon! I love your great descriptions of the patrons! And yeah, maybe I need to get out too today and take a run? Here’s to a fantastic 2015 and hope the fog will lift in time for midnight!😃😃😃

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  2. tabitha59reachingout says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. ….. Actually, I’m laughing again. …… Maybe it’s too many late nights and sugar treats over Christmas? Just a guess. ….. Sorry, still laughing. …………… Have a wonderful 2015, David! 🙂

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  3. HA! I really enjoyed this, I do this sort of thing in my mind when people watching but your stories are funny funny, especially loved the man listening to his bowl cut twin! Happy New year!

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  4. But that is what writers do. We paint people with words. Sometimes we paint characterless, sometimes we paint masterpieces, it all depends on how much sleep, coffee and practice we have had.

    Think kind things about them, it might not make good fiction but it’s better for the soul.

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