Really? That’s what you’re wearing?

Pajama princess how beautiful you are,
Wearing those “hello kitty” pants like a hero,
In your head you must be such a star,
Plodding through Wal-mart eating Jell-O.

You are a princess so why should you care,
What the other shoppers think of you,
Those lowly plebes stopping to stare,
As you regally pass in Crocs of blue.

Another feature that commands respect,
Is the yellow scrunchy that you wear,
Like a royal crown made to protect,
That pile of mess you call your hair.

“Free samples on aisle eight!”
Comes the announcement from up above,
The princess moves, her path is straight,
It’s the chicken wings she loves!

Long live Her Royal Highness! End chapter 1.


25 thoughts on “Really? That’s what you’re wearing?

    • Lol! I find it intriguing how pajama princesses usually seem like really don’t care what they look like OR what other people think. I can’t tell if it’s self-confidence or just ignorance. I’m leaning towards the latter. šŸ™‚


      • hahahaha. Yes I would agree! Here in the Bronx we have a thing called booty shorts and its pretty astonishing seeing how some of these ladies get into these clothes. If anything its engineering miracle. The problem is now I have become numb to it so when I bring friends to the city they always bring me back how crazy some people are here in the city. It take all kinds right. Hahahaha.

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  1. tabitha59reachingout says:

    Thanks for the laugh. The other day, I saw a man walking around down town without a shirt and only wearing what appeared to be boxers, and he was not a fit person either. We are in a small town, so we see lots of this stuff too. I just don’t get it!

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  2. justafunkymom says:

    Lol, so I’m no princess but I do go looking a mess sometimes cause hey what do you expect to see there. I do skip the free samples if it helps me at all;)

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