Praying for crop failure?


Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” – Galations 6:7 KJV

I consider myself a man of faith, doing my best to ponder and adhere to the principles taught in the Bible.  Which is why, as I’m sitting here drinking my coffee this morning, I find myself caught-up in thought after reading the verse I’ve listed above.

In the KJV, the word “soweth”could be re-written so say “continues to sow”– meaning that the “eth” at the end indicates that this is action isn’t a one-time event, but rather something that is continuing.  This verse is referring to those who continue to sow…whether those seeds and deeds be good or bad.  Which brings me to the question I’m pondering…

what happens if you stop sowing?

It brings a certain sense of comfort in knowing that I have an opportunity to change what I reap when it comes to my shortcomings and faults…just stop sowing.  If I have a critical attitude and I don’t want to be looked at critically by others…stop sowing.  If I’m quick to judge the fathers who disappoint their kids, yet I don’t want others pointing-out my flaws as a father…stop sowing.

Alternately, it gives me a sense of reprieve to know that I have an opportunity to influence the future of my life in a positive way.  Do I want my friends, neighbors and colleagues to look on me with tolerance and longsuffering?  I’ll sow some patience myself.  If I want others to give my children space when they fail in the future (and they surely will), how do I make that happen?  I’ll go sow sow kindness and mercy today.

Finishing my coffee, I find myself looking in my bag of seeds today. Do I need to change my gardening plans?

I prefer to plan and consider now, rather than praying for a crop failure later.

The “true friend” test

Just a quick thought. I’ve read a few posts on how to tell if someone is a “true” friends. Most of these articles cite surface-level trite things like, “they always support you”, etc.

I’ve always thought the mark of a true friend was someone who will tell you the truth, even when they know it’s not what you want to hear. That takes courage and caring about someone–be truthful with them even when it hurts.

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend…”

Why Choose Crabiness?

Have you ever been around people who seem to work to find reasons to be unhappy? You know what I mean. When you make positive comments around them they’ll typically just scowl and refuse to respond? Or if they do respond it’s generally some sort of unintelligible grunt or painful-sounding moan accompanied by a pitiful look that’s designed to try to gin-up sympathy– a facial protest that says “But I WANT to be less-than-happy, I kinda’ like it!” Continue reading

New Morning Brew

At first it’s just a subtle, amber hint of glow, then the edges slowly begin to expand. As I watch, the changes are almost imperceptible. I imagine an army of angels driving away the cold, resistant blackness of night as they push the sun higher into the morning sky. Dawn has arrived. My coffee is fresh. Sitting here in my pajamas, what more could I ask for?

It’s still the “Eight-O-Clock Coffee Breakfast Blend” doing the trick for me today, and sleepy beginnings like this make me evermore grateful for my Keurig.

I do appreciate beauty of nature that morning brings with it. The soft chirp of night crickets still singing, the dew resting upon the foliage, and of course, the spectacular performance of the rising sun– never ceasing to inspire wonder and amazement. These elements are peacefully motivating to me.

That being said, it’s really a little more than that, isn’t it? The real magic of morning is that, somehow each morning represents a new beginning…a clean slate…a canvas waiting to become a work of art. One Bible verse describes morning as bringing with it a new helping of mercy for the day. The happenings of yesterday somehow seems to fade away, and I feel a desire to accomplish something great today!

Hmmmm….maybe it’s just the coffee. Time for another cup.