Just Make It Count

Just another day. Was I able to cross-through those tasks I had on my list? Those break-points in the day, were they memorable? You know, the ones I looked forward to at the beginning of the day? Lunch…the afternoon break at work…heading home for the day. This time next week will I reflect back and note these moments with any significance?

Today the creative drive is coming from (dare I say it), McDonald’s regular! I was on the phone this morning, and didn’t have time for the normal brew so I had to settle for what was convenient. That’s my brew, now here’s my view…

As a result of a post my friend Margaret wrote a few days ago over at Being Margaret, (great blog, check it out if you can), my thoughts have been somewhat occupied. Margaret’s post was a moving, sentimental reflection of where she was on October 2, 1998, and the events that transpired causing her to remember that day so well– in her case the death of a dear family member. The very well-written story gave me pause, and has caused me to reflect. What about today?

I’m guilty of taking most days for granted. I’m sure I’m not alone in falling into life patterns that cause time to pass almost unconsciously. Each week blends into the next, the weekends seemingly connected without interruption–creating an impressionist-like picture of time where days and events subtly blur together, the specific details lost to the monotonous brush strokes of routine. This happens because I allow it.

I purpose to make today memorable. When I look back on today, it may not carry the significance of those days that are bookmarks in all of our lives…marriages, births, the happiest of times, etc., however it’s up to me to make sure that today doesn’t fade into history without any significance. I can choose to make an impact on someone. I can choose to spend time with those who are important to me. I can choose to draw nearer to God.

I choose to make today a step up to a better me.

I choose to make it count.


P.S. Tomorrow, I choose better coffee 😉