Seriously? Late Again?

“Yes we’re friends, but you aren’t important enough for me to show up on time.”  Isn’t that the statement that is being made when we constantly show-up late?  From the perspective of the person waiting, that is how it feels at times.   “I don’t really care that my lateness causes ripples to everyone’s schedules…my time is more important than yours.”

Today it’s “San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee – Breakfast Blend” brewed in the Keurig that is fueling my furiously typing fingers.  It’s a new brand that I bought on Amazon and it’s actually really good.  It has a solid, bold flavor that is full and pungent.  It’s also interesting because the k-cup doesn’t actually have a full “cup” attached (see below). Rather, it’s the top portion of a normal k-cup with a mesh-like bag containing the coffee beans hanging underneath.  It’s priced a little more reasonably than other brands, it brews quickly and it tastes great!

San Francisco Bay Breakfast Blend

OK, let’s be real, most people are late on occasion.  Life happens, traffic happens, etc.  I realize that. I’m specifically thinking of those people we all know who have that reputation for being late to everything.  You know…those friends you have to give the fake start time that’s half-an-hour earlier than everyone else so they’ll be on time?

Why are some people ALWAYS late? I don’t get it.


The First Cup…

Ahhh…that great feeling when you take the first sip of java on a chilly, autumn morning when your world is still largely quiet and still.  Couple this with a few rare, precious moments to think and now you have at least a few pieces of the secret formula for a good day.

Today it’s ‘Eight-O’-Clock Coffee’ brewed in the Keurig that’s doing the trick, and here’s what I’m thinking about…

The sound of metal clinking against glass cups, the subtle sound of milk being steamed, the awesome, floating scent of strong coffee brewing, and the bright morning sunlight gradually chasing shadows into the corners, all while jazz standards are covertly setting the mood in the background.  It’s the relaxing, “feel-the-stress-leaving-as-we-speak” sounds of the corner coffee shop, and there’s just one thing missing in this picture that would make it absolutely perfect.

What is it, you ask? What could possibly be missing from this scene? It’s that sound of warm conversation taking place between friends and companions.  The sound of old acquaintances who haven’t seen one another for months catching-up.  The sound of college classmates working on that group project.  Or maybe it’s simply the sound of a few friends debating the latest news headlines.

Who doesn’t enjoy stimulating conversation over a great cup of coffee?  As a working, mid-30’s, happily married father of three, I seek out these moments as often as I can.  My name is Dave Howell, and I find that it’s in these moments with my brew that I’m often able to find the simple hiding somewhere in the corners of the complex.  At times, the only thing that’s missing is a few friends to complete the conversation.  But since you’re here now, problem solved!

Thanks for stopping by my weekly blog post (perhaps more if we have time for the occasional refill).  Grab a cup and fill it up!  Let’s enjoy brews and views.

Now…what are you drinking and what are your plans for today?